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Animation Project: Waste Not

'Waste Not' was a semester long animation project I worked on from Jan 2023 to May 2023. My job was to work as a sound designer and add all the background sounds to the animation piece. I made all the sound effects and composed original background music using Logic Pro.

Here is the final video production:

In this piece, sounds were mean to support the visual and make sure the audiences understand the contrast in emotion. So, when thinking about the general design of the sounds, I emphasized the dynamic change between different time line.

By creating the contrast of a quiet, peaceful natural environment and a chaotic, noisy lab where the disaster was happening in real time, I wanted to make the audience shock and really feel the tension in the visual. The balance between sound effects and background music was also important, and the background music was purposely composed to leave room for loud sound effects.

In addition, I also worked on writing the dev blog that records the team's progress and edited the project trailer. Dev blogs can be found under the official project website. Link to the official project website

Project Trailer:

This is a ETC curriculum project. Link to the ETC project overview website

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