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Game Project: Karma

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

A playable version can be downloaded from our repository:

Karma is a low-poly style fantasy FPS game I worked on during my last semester at the Ohio State university. I mainly focused on encounter design in this project: I designed and implemented AI for many enemies and bosses; I also worked on level design, putting enemies in the levels and created two boss arena using the art assets we had.

Game Play Video:

Starting from 0:41, all the enemy shown in the video were designed and implemented by me.

The first boss fight was shown at 3:15, I designed and made the boss enemy as well as the arena.

The second boss fight for level 1 was shown at 4:50, and I made the boss arena for this one.

The player moves to level 2 at 6:46, basically all the enemies in level 2 used the same behavior scripts I wrote for level 1 enemies. We only changed their models, animations and data.

The final boss fight of level 2 was shown at 11:08, I designed and implemented the boss fight.

The trailer was also made by me, shots were taken in Unity with script-controlled camera.


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